Using RSS feeds in your application with the help of blend

So, we are going to build an application that reads RSS feeds from the website and parse it into readable form for the user. So, how can we do it? The best way of doing this is to use blend because blend gives you easiness in order to build RSS feeds application. So, first of all you need to know what Blend is ? for this reason you need to visit Road To Expression Blend if you don’t have a basics of Expression blend.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication which basically means that you can use the output of that websites, in RSS feeds form, into your application as an input and display it to user in appropriate form. RSS feeds is available in xml file form, which will be read by Blend and we can parse it then easily.

So, let’s get started with RSS feeds with expression blend.

  1. Create a Blan App WIndows phone (Silverlight) in visual studio and open in Expression Blend.
  2. Now, Click the database sign in data tab on right panel of expression blend.
  3. Now, click the import sample data from xml 
  4. Now that you have new diallog box appear at the screen, what you need to do is open the browser and search for CNN FEEDS,you will get the CNN feeds page where you can select the any category you want and make a copy of it.
  5. Now, paste this link onto the URL field in the newly open dialog box and check the project check box and press OK.
  6. Now that you can see right panel of the blend is filled with some words. select the Item Collection.
  7. Now, Drag the item collection field and drop it to the UI
  8. you can see you have the some text written inside the text block is shown in the user interface.
  9. Now, that you have all the feeds from specific category in your application. all you need to do is that you have to make its interface readable and understandable.

So, if you don’t remember how we edited that phonebook interface then see this post using blend to edit Sample data and start reading this one from the point where we started from Edit Additional Template -> edit current.


you can see we parsed the read xml in very easy way using expression blend. if you were have to do this with Visual Studio then believe me it would not be that easy. So, make an interactive application according to your need and publish your first app.



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