Project scope vs Document Scope

While parsing some XML file in blend or creating some sample data space we are asked to check whether we want to go with Project or Document.5


So, let’s see what basically these things are and what are the difference in between them? when you create sample data or reading xml for the RSS feeds you need to check one of these options. So, what are these and what meanings they have?


When you check the project check-box, it means you are are choosing to have global scope of the XML you read or sample data you created. Which means that you can access it from any page in the application and we can use this XML or Sample data in anywhere in our application wherever we want. So, Project defines your scope of XML or sample data into global or public in other words so that one can access it from anywhere in the application.


Just like private variables, document check-box means that the XML or the data sample we created can only be accessed from specific scope. So, with this check-box checked we can use XML or the data sample in only mentioned page. So, this thing helps when you want to show you data in only one page. So, we can use this feature to make this thing available to only one page.


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