Easy way to create sample data using Blend

Creating a data sample is useful when you don’t know what type of data will be stored, what type of language will be used to fill the data and how you can design specific interface without actually knowing the data itself. So, blend is basically providing you a data tool that will be helpful to generate sample data space. As I said, sample data is useful in designing a layout and live tiles when you don’t know how your actual data looks like.

So, in order to get things done and create a sample data in your project in easy way, follow the steps:

  1. Open a windows phone Blank app in visual studio.
  2. open the project in blend.
  3. Now, look at very right of your blend screen, you will find a DATA tab. click to open a drop box and click on New Sample Data.
    create a data sample

    create a data sample

  4.  A dialog box will appear, enter the required Name. you can select it as project if you want to use this in anywhere in your project or you can select document to create a sample datafor specific document page.
  5. when you click OK, you will find a new sample data which will be having a name as you mentioned above in the dialog box.
  6. In order to create property of your own choice click on the  sign  in front of the name of the data source
  7. After adding a property you will be asked to rename the property like this.
  8. So, this is how you can change the properties as required.
  9. Now, that you have created your own database, its time to display it into your user interface. So, blend makes it easy for your, you don’t need to write codes all you need to do is to drag your sample data from the data panel  into the UI.
  10. right click the databox and edit the current additional template as shown below
  11. You can create whatever design you want as i  designed the below one.
  12. you can edit the data available in data sample.
  13. New dialog box will appear within which you can edit the data in data sample.
  14. you can change the number of records you need in you interface by simply changing the highlighted option.
  15. double click the value of some property in order to change the value

So, this is how you can create a data sample in order to do things and design your interface.


you see how you can do things in few minutes with a blend. So, using blend makes your life easier  and you can do things in lesser time than visual studio because you dont need to write a  huge block of code in order to achieve something.


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