Combine Tool in Expression Blend

This article is going to define you the difference between combine tools available in object menu. Combine tools contains 5 magical functions that is Unite, Divide, Subtract, Intersect and Exclude Overlap.Firstly, Let’s see what these things do.

Unite: This tool unites the image in a form that merged all images and will share the same center point.

Divide: This tool helps you in creating new image by combining given images in a form that previous image will be place in behind of the front one.

Subtract: This tool bring you a new image in  a form that front image will displayed only and exclude the overlap part as well.

Intersect: This tool helps you in bringing the only intersected part of the combined images.

Exclude Overlap: As name implies this tool will exclude that overlapped part in given images. 

Now, Let’s see how we can implement it into our project:


Open Microsoft Visual studio and create Windows Phone blank app (Silverlight).

opening windows phone silverlight
creating windows phone app silverlight


Now, Open your project in Blend by right-clicking the solution in right panel of your visual studio.

opening solution in blend
opening in blend


Select the only available grid and add 2 ellipses from the ToolBox on the right side of Screen.

adding ellipse
Adding ellipses

Fill the Ellipse with the color of your own choice and place it like this.

Filling ellipse
filling ellipses


Now, Select all the ellipses and go to Object-> Combine-> Unite and see the effects, both ellipses have merged into one and a gap occur in center of shapes.

unite-ing the image


you can give any shape to your resulted figure by going to Object-> Path-> Convert to Path.


Select the Object-> Combine-> Divide to see the effects, as you can see this tool separate the selected object.

dividing the ellipse


Select the Object-> path-> Convert To path to change the figure according to your requirement.


Select the Object-> Combine-> Intersect and see only the middle part of the two ellipses intersected.

intersect-ing the ellipse


Select the Object-> Combine-> Subtract, and you can see that left ellipse has subtracted even with the intersected path.

subtracting tool

Similarly, you can change the the figure according to your requirement by simply going to path in object menu.


Now, select the Exclude-Overlap in the in object menu, you can see the only overlapped path will be excluded.

 excluding overlap




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