understand what features windows phone 8.1 have that windows phone 8.0 doesn’t

In year 2014 Microsoft launched new windows phone OS named as Windows phone 8.1. This release is just available for Developers preview as it is not officially and completely released yet. This Update looks like and sounds like an update of just 0.1, it can easily be launched as Windows 9. Following are the features that windows phone 8.1 is having.

Contana into windows phone 8.1: 

Contana is the first Microsoft’s voice recognition software launched in so many years. It is introduced in windows phone 8.1 and it looks like it is competitor of Siri on IOS7 and Google Now on android version kitkat.

Cortana can handle all the basic tasks you would expect from a voice-powered tool, like scheduling reminders, setting up alarms and translating voice to text. But Microsoft has baked in support for third-party apps, too, like Facebook, Hulu and Skype. Now, you can check in on Facebook friends, load up your Hulu Plus queue and initiate calls with your voice. When Windows Phone 8.1 launches, Cortana will have a “beta” tag until Microsoft sends Cortana to UK and Chinese Windows Phone devices in the “second half of 2014.”

Live Tiles:

Microsoft introduced transparent tiles in windows phone 8.1 OS. This feature helps user to assign single image on the background of tiles and now with beautiful lock screens we can have required background behind the tiles as well.

Swyping Keyboard:

Thanks to a tool that Microsoft has dubbed its “Word Flow Keyboard,” Windows Phone now support swipe typing. Popularized by the fan-favorite Swype keyboard on Android, this allows you to more easily type one-handed by gliding your fingers along the virtual keys rather than tap.

Misc Features:

On top of these marquee upgrades, Microsoft fleshed out its Data Sense, Wi-Fi Sense, Storage Sense and Battery Saver tools to grant more control over those aspects of your phone. Of course, they’re all designed to save, whether that be saved battery life, saved storage, or saved data.

Plus, you can now project the contents of your phone’s display to a PC, TV or projector over USB as well as Miracast on some supported devices. Xbox Music has been refreshed as well, separating music, video and podcasts into dedicated apps with additional functionality.

There’s plenty more to see in Windows Phone 8.1, like improvements to Internet Explorer 11 (such as InPrivate browsing), Calendar (like a week view option) and further syncing between your Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices (right down to the color scheme). So, yeah, it will be worth the upgrade.


So, there are plenty more features in windows phone 8.1 than windows phone 8.0 and now it is easy to define what difference is in between them.


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